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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today's Tip- On Social Networking

Valerie Spitaler of EmilyClaireCreations gives us a few great tips for sellers on the do's and don't for using Facebook, Twitter, Plurk and other popular social networks.  
  1. Don't just Spam those networks with your listings.  Nothing turns members off quicker, honestly.  Though we as sellers get excited and like to show off our wares, it can become an annoying commercial to our friends and customers.   
  2. Interact with your network buddies- they ae called friends for a reason.  Make the time to get to know them or they make think the only thing you want from them is money.  
  3. People don't respond to random posts.  Taking a few minutes to organize your thoughts and keeping things light. Building trust works wonders for your bottom line. And you get to chum around with all kinds of new and interesting folks so have fun! 

That's all for now- Thanks Valerie!

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